Light Duty Poly Tarp Logo Printed

Parameters of Light Duty Poly Tarp Logo Printed

tarpaulin material: 100% new HDPE material woven and 100% new LDPE laminated, UV in woven and lamination for protection. truck/car/boat cover, cargo storage, construction site cover, Equipment Covers, Suitable to Protect any products from Sun, Rain, Dust

Additional information

Product Name

Waterproof Tarpaulin Truck Covering Anti-UV PE Tarpaulin


Outdoor, tent, truck cover,


waterproof , UV treated , Heavy Duty


From 6×6 to 16×16


Woven, coating, heating or sewing




PE coated

Details about Light Duty Poly Tarp Logo Printed

Light Duty Poly Tarp is about below 80gsm, and we can print Logo on Poly Tarp. The products are also called PE Tarpaulin, HDPE tarpaulin, tarpaulin sheet
A. Now we manufacture the weaving fabric specification is as below:
(1). Weaving Condition (mesh of weft & warp/sq. inch): 5×6, 6×7, 7×7, 8×8, 10×8, 10×10, 12×12, 14×14, 16×16.
(2). Weight: 50gram/sq. m~ 300 gram/sq. m
(3). Any color available
(4)Width: normal 1.83m -4m; maximum 4m width also available without heating
(5)Length: 50m, 100m, 200m, or big rolls with paper core Max 10000M (10000YD) with a metal core is possible. Various roll sizes are available according to customer’s request
(6) A. Roll tarpaulin:
1.22m wide *100m long (length can be customized)
2m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
2.44m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
2.52m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
4m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)

B. Sized tarpaulin sheet: reinforced colored PE tarpaulin sheet with reinforced plastic black triangle corner, high-temperature welding seamless jointing, and eyelet size can be optional, hot welding in edge reinforced rope in hem, waterproof UV protect, high tenacity tear-resistant. Normally cut size, we also can do finished size just like below:
Cut or Finished size:
2x2m, 3x3m, 3x5m, 4x4m
(6x6ft, 10x10ft, 10x16ft, 13x13ft)
4x5m, 4x6m, 4x8m, 4x10m
(12x16ft, 12x20ft, 12x26ft, 12x32ft)
5x5m, 5x6m, 5x8m, 5x10m
(16x16ft, 16x20ft, 16x26ft, 16x32ft)
6x6m, 6x8m, 6x10m, 8x10m, etc.
(20x20t, 20x26ft, 20x32ft, 66x32ft) etc.
Some big features of sized PE tarpaulin sheet:
1) All temperature and all-season use;
2) Fiber-reinforced polyethylene;
3) Rustproof galvanized eyelets;
4) Strong, clean, lighter and easy to handle;
5) Waterproof, Shrink proof;6) Anti Mildew, Tear-resistant, etc.

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