PP Woven Laminated FIBC Bulk Bags

Parameters of PP Woven Laminated FIBC Bulk Bags

Bulk bags & FIBC also known as polypropylene big bag 1 ton, PP big bag, jumbo bag, super sack,  1000kg one-ton big bag, bulk bag, Q baffle big bag, skip bag, pp woven container bag, falcon bag.  The most commonly used bulk bags type across many industries including ming, chemicals, agriculture, construction, transport, landscaping, demolition, skip bin, rubber recycling,  and so on:

Additional information

Product Name

Jumbo Bag


Storing or transportation bulk goods


waterproof , UV treated , Heavy Duty,Moisture,Coating or PE liner


5:1 /6:1


Woven, coating, heating or sewing




Virgin Polypropylene

Type of Ton Bag

Circular, U-Panel, 4 Panel with PE liner

Top Option

Open Top, Spout Top or Customized

Bottom Option

Discharge Spout, Flat Bottom

Details about PP Woven Laminated FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC bulk bag, also known as container bag, PP jumbo bag, PP bulk bags,ton bag, FIBC bulk bag is a flexible transport packaging container, with moisture-proof, dustproof, UV treated, firm and safe advantages, and has enough strength. In loading and unloading, handling is very convenient, loading, and unloading efficiency, materials generally used polypropylene, polyethylene, and other polyester fiber textile. Widely used in the chemical industry, building materials, plastics, minerals, agriculture and other kinds of powder, granular, block goods packaging, storage, transportation is the best packaging materials.

The usage is widely for packing of grains like rice and corn, food like flour and sugar, chemical products like fertilizer, building materials like cement, sand, construction waste.

Attentions for using:
1)Anyone must be kept away from around working place.

2)When lifting the bag, even hang it with four hanging ropes.

3)Avoid hooking or breaking in operation.

4)Do not drag the bag on the projected surface.

5)Prevent shovel of forklift from breaking the body of bags.

6)Remove the filled bags in pallets in the workhouse as possible as can.

7)Keep standing the bags required before loading, unloading, or piling.

8)Do not brag the bags on the floor or on the cement ground.

9)If to store bags outdoors, be sure to put them on pallets, then covered with opaque tarpaulin.

10)Bags should be fully covered with paper or opaque tarpaulin and stored in a ventilated place.
Breathable,airy,anti-static,conductive,UV Stabilization,reinforcement,dust-proof,moisture-proof




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