How to Guide Clients to Classify Container Liner Bags?

In this blog post,Container Lining bag plays a key role in bulk cargo transportation and storage. The container lining system of the Liner bag helps to reduce packaging waste in a fast and efficient way.

Container Lining bag plays a key role in bulk cargo transportation and storage. The container lining system of the Liner bag helps to reduce packaging waste in a fast and efficient way. You simply fix the container liner, wrap it around the packaging and move it to the shipping or receiving points. It can be integrated with a standard shipping container and helps to reduce shipping costs and increase reliability.

Containerized bulk cargo can save space, reduce costs, decrease labor costs, ensure quality and flexibility. But for any containerized cargo, there is the problem of cleaning. How does it work? How does the container system clean? The answer is that it’s not so simple as a simple wall cleaning. Most modern shipping containers have a liner that surrounds the interior walls, and the liner acts as a wall between the interior and exterior walls of the cargo. The lining of our containers provides a clean, dry environment between the floor and walls of the cargo and the container.

Sea Shipping Bulk Container Liner Bags

In a warehouse, there might be multiple tiers of container lining containers. The flooring of the containers is made to hold the container liners. The bags are then sealed with liners and sold by the container. Container lining bags are not used for any other purpose than container sealing. Container lining bags are the only type of packaging which are completely sealed between containers.

Cargo Capping Bags Cargo Capping Bags, aka “container bags,” is designed to give containers the necessary storage space to hold their own contents, and be able to easily be removed from the container as needed. Cargo Capping Bags can be found in either the original metal or nylon/nylon hybrid or both.

The Container lining bags can be broadly divided into the following six categories:

  1. First Category: Sea dry bulk Shipping Container lining bags
    The sea dry bulk Shipping Container lining bag is also called dry packing. The dry bulk cargo container is packaged in a flexible shipping container that has been hollowed, and sealed with metal to reduce air in the container to avoid leaks. The dry bulk container is most commonly referred to as the cargo container or dry bulk. Containerization refers to the process whereby cargo containers can be packed and unloaded, and shipped flat, by using stacked shipping containers. The packaging is mainly suitable for bulk solid bulk granular, powder products. The containers can be used for bulk solid cargo or bulk packaged commodities of different shapes and sizes. The plastic container can be easily broken or sealed, providing great protection, and with minimal maintenance for storing or storing of bulk solid cargo. The containers have a high surface area and good storage surface, providing good storage capacity for heavy amounts of bulk solid cargo.
Sea dry bulk Shipping Container lining bags

As well as all kinds of dry and bulk garbage container transport, container liner has affordable, easy to install, and use, effective protection of your transport cargo, and other advantages are widely used. This way there is no possibility of damage to your container that you plan to carry loads of raw, live, and packaged food products for your clients.

  1. Second Category:Waterproof or moisture-proof Sea bulk Shipping Container lining bags

Waterproof and moisture-proof container lining bags, container bags are mainly used for wet, soaking liquid or their own liquid semi-dry semi-wet goods of marine packaging transport, can completely avoid the container water pollution, corrosion. They are specially used in container shipping and to create shipping container cover for the water, humidity and temperature reasons. A container lining bag is also widely used in the warehousing and shipping sector to protect containers which have an important function to be on-premises and off-premises. The container lining bag’s function is to completely avoid the container water pollution damage to contents. The bag is designed to hold water so as to avoid and to minimize the container water pollution. It creates a water-proof airtight seal when the container is wet and an airtight seal when it is dry.

Additionally, the bag is designed to provide adequate ventilation to prevent the container from leaking moisture into the air. These container bags will also be able to keep the container in the interior of the container a few extra minutes. In this way, the container water leakage will have no need. These containers are the perfect answer to all the challenges and necessities we face in shipping business. These good container waterproof and moisture compacted shipping container lining bags are very reliable and efficient. It is also used to pack and transport goods such as steel that need to be protected against dampness, corrosion, and deterioration.
In this way, a container can be washed in a container, making it waterproof or waterproof with a very small waste of water. The waterproof liner can be completely filled up with water , and sealed. You have to carefully keep these water-resistant and moisture-proof packing-bags at dry place and only use it during the wet weather. These bags may be useful for the container delivery company, which is needed especially when the customer requires a very dry shipping container for the delivery of some goods. The bag is coated with a layer of waterproof coating in order to be used as sea bulk container covering. The bag can be used even when the container is being transported and the air is fresh. The bag is then sealed by the use of a sealer and also can be used as a liner for container ships that carry goods from port to port.

Waterproof or moisture-proof Sea bulk Shipping Container lining bags

It is also used to pack and transport goods such as steel that need to be protected against dampness, corrosion, and deterioration.

Matching material in the inner liner that has been specially chosen for the purpose, such as: Water-resistant nylon High-grade leather PE tarpaulin lining Wrap-around nylon Pack with high strength steel inside liner for tough durability and water resistance. The outer liner material has high-quality materials and high hardness to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting material.
It is a type of container lining bag where the bag is made of heavy grade plastic or aluminum. Depending on the type of container lining used for packing it, the bag may be double-sided, or have two compartments depending on the thickness of the sides. A wide variety of heavy-duty container lining bags are available to store and transport goods, but most are manufactured by the QLYD industry High-density polyethylene.
This type of packing material is also used to protect a container from insects as well as being used to carry items such as food and beverages. Waterproof and moisture-proof packing material. Durable and dustproof packing material. Can withstand exposure to high-energy materials used by warehouses, warehouses, trucks and shipping containers, etc.

The steel-casing in the bag was very well received. I’ve used plastic bags before but have been amazed by the weight and durability. My concern with plastic bags is I would hate to lose my backpack because of a hard-to-clean hole in the bag. With the steel lining, I can use it when I need to use it. Container lining bag pack steel that needs to be protected against dampness, corrosion, and deterioration. Plastic insulation liner (e.g. cardboard) Plastic insulation liner (e.g. cardboard) Thermal insulation liner (e.g. acrylic) Thermal insulation liner (e.g. acrylic) Plastic lining . Plastic liner packing. You want to pack these bags carefully so as not to lose them along your way! Container liner or mesh bag, or whatever shape your container is, that are meant to fit tightly into your container. Make sure you pack your containers tight so that you can push it out on the other side, or else the liner will be damaged and the container useless.

  1. Third Category: Sea bulk container lining bag with spout for loading/discharging
    The structure of the container lining bag is designed according to the goods loaded and the handling equipment used by customers. According to the customer’s loading and unloading mode, can be equipped with loading and unloading port (sleeve), zipper mouth, and other design.

The design of the container lining bag and is a good choice to cover all types of cargo, including small or large. The main use of the container lining bag is as an extra cover for other goods containers to provide support and to prevent the unwanted leakage of goods. The zippered mouth can be fitted with a handle and two points of attachment for cleaning. In recent years, the packaging of a container of a particular type or brand has improved. In the case of a new container of a particular type or brand, the container lining bag is able to provide superior loading and unloading capacity, in accordance with the specific cargo. The bag is manufactured of a standard polymer which can be either molded or metal.

Sea bulk container lining bag with spout for loading/discharging

The lining bag’s design consists of a plastic bag inside and is covered with an inner membrane. The container lining bag is made of two layers – the top layer made of a polymer and the bottom layer made of polyethylene. A container lining bag can be constructed of any size of the container. It can be made for standard packages. The sleeve and gussets are easily cleaned, can be adjusted, and can be closed by hand. The system can be used on a truck, a van, a truck trailer, and a flatbed. To facilitate the transport container, this is the most widely used system that is available by car and van.

Containers are made of three materials: Pe Film, PP/PE coated woven fabric. Pe film/PE woven fabric is mainly used for products with strict requirements for moisture resistance.
The film is mainly used for products with strict requirements for moisture resistance. There is also a second type of PE fabric used for a product that needs to remain water-resistant for longer times and needs to be treated with chemical treatment in the manufacturing process. The treated (PE) fabric is then dyed and packaged into the fabric for sale to customers.
Because its fiber fibers have not been treated with polyurethane during manufacture, the fabric is prone to cracking and the fibers lose their stretchiness. Polyester yarn is usually the preferred medium for PE woven fabrics. PE woven fabrics are used instead of textile fabrics that are typically made with a polyester blend as their strength and flexibility is more directly related to the material they blend.

Usually placed in 20’/30’/40′ standard containers, large tonnage can be shipped with solid bulk particles, powder products. Compared with traditional woven bag packing and ton bag transportation, it has the advantages of large unit capacity, easy loading and unloading, low labor force, and no secondary pollution.

As long as the packing area is not too large, it also can not be too small or the product remains in the containers. The main advantage of this container is that the shipping container does not require ventilation, as the air space inside the container does not get too compressed by the weight of the containers, making an airtight container a possible design.

By using a hybrid method, it’s also not as vulnerable as the traditional method of traditional packing. If you are considering a new bag pack, be sure to read the following instructions. Backing up your bag is a good idea as your bags’ contents might be lost in transit. Make sure you have enough space to safely unload your bag. Unlike other materials, a bag is not subject to high temperatures, extreme weather conditions, or environmental degradation. A small risk of damage to a bag is associated with its handling and handling of a small quantity of material. Since its purpose is to move, it is easy to transport and it does not require large amounts of air. A medium volume of cargo is generally considered adequate.

  1. Forth Category: Open-top dumpster container liner bag withdrawing a string

Fully open-top inner dumpster container lining bag also named Roll Off Dumpster Liners. They are suitable for loading pallets or animal skins or garbage articles. It is not only for sea bulk transporting, but also can be used for land dumpster container, roll-off containers, end dump trailers, gondola-type railway cars, lugger boxes, and more.

Open-top dumpster container liner bag withdrawing a string

When cut, these liners will be stored in a rolled-up, open-top plastic bag which you can easily cut out to use elsewhere. These liners will look great with lots of different items – like your carport, or a backyard pool, or even your garage. This is a perfect way to store your things during rainy weather as well.

The dumpster container liner was designed to move dumpsters and pallets. They’re great for loading pallets, pallets-as-container, or animal skins with their entire contents. Dumpsters designed to move loads from a loading dock to the end of the vehicle. With a large surface area and low cost, they can be very effective and cost-effective for both waste transfer and transportation, as well as for sorting and compacting, reducing the weight or space involved in sorting. However, for some types of transport, such as for large cargo (large cargo transport trucks with wide cargo compartments), an external truckload may not be sufficient. These are a very popular product in this field. In this product, you can fill these bins to provide maximum protection against dust, grime, and moisture. The outer walls (coverings) of these bins are removable to make them open-top. The inner sidewalls are constructed with standard walls made from metal wire mesh. These bins are very popular among loaders.

They come in several options of materials and they can come in pallet form or in bulk. There are many different types of them and you can select from one of them based on your needs. It includes pallets for sea bulk transport, sea trolley, sea bulk trailer, bulk carriers, and ocean pallet. They are available today. The containers are packed on the rail by a large number of people using a conveyor of the tumbling carts. This is done during loading, disembarkation, and unloading, as also when a container is loaded or unloaded at a rail station or another rail station, on delivery to another railway station, or on its way from a railway station to another railway station.

Also as a means of transport by bus transport service, they are used for the delivery of products and products at a large scale with very low fuel consumption which is a more practical and efficient alternative to conventional air-freight transport. The truck is usually an articulated box truck and has a wheel well which allows better weight distribution and better handling for larger container units.

  1. Fifty Category: Zipper open and closing filling container liner bags

Zipped container liners are typically placed in 20,30, or 40- foot containers and can be used for large-tonnage transportation of granular, powdered, dry bulk materials. Zipped containers can also be used for long-haul freight transportation where a box-shaped carrier is used. In this configuration. When the packing form is used to transport large-scale dry bulk materials in the logistics industry, due to its containerized transportation, it has the advantages of large unit capacity, easy loading, and unloading, low labor force, no secondary pollution of the goods, etc.

Zipper open and closing filling container liner bags

It also greatly saves the cost and time when the vehicle and ship transshipment. In building construction, due to its rapid movement, heavy transport equipment is used to transport the cargoes around. The basic building materials that are used for this type of warehousing are steel, concrete, and clay material. These materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be used to support a variety of loads on the building project. So the container liner is very useful for bulk transport. The structure of the container lining bag is generally designed according to the cargo and handling equipment used by the customer. The whole can be divided into bottom loading and bottom unloading and top loading and bottom unloading. According to the customer’s loading and unloading mode, can be equipped with loading and unloading port (sleeves), zippers, and other design.

Zipped container lining bag features I, low cost to increase the loading capacity, reduce working hours and manpower costs, reduce packaging costs, reduce the disposal costs of packaging bags. 2, less pollution packaging completely sealed, shipped directly from the factory to the customer’s warehouse, can effectively avoid pollution. 3. Wide Range of applications powder and granular products can be applied to the sea and train transport. The container liner can carry non-hazardous free-flowing products, examples include soybeans, coffee beans, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa, fish meal, peanuts, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, sugar, tea, livestock feed, etc. Container liner bags may also be used for bulk cargo in the form of granules or powders, for example, polyethylene particles, polypropylene particles, PVC particles, nylon polymer, ABS resin, aluminum powder, fertilizer, soda powder, zinc powder, porcelain clay, titanium dioxide and so on.

(1) easy and quick installation; container space
(2) High Utilization Rate;
(3)Shorten the cleaning time of the container and save the unnecessary cost of cleaning the container;
(4) This product is not contaminated.

  1. Sixth Category: Top filling spout bulk container liner for special containers
    This kind of container lining bag mainly is used for special loading and unloading equipment design, can be completely customized according to customer requirements processing
    Material opening type: Large Open type (designed according to loading and unloading equipment)
Top filling spout bulk container liner for special containers


  1. Simple and time-saving loading and unloading operation, greatly reduce the working time and labor costs;
  2. Completely sealed and transported directly from the factory to the customer’s warehouse, pollution can be effectively avoided;
  3. Because of the characteristics of PE film, it will not cause pollution to the container, reducing the cleaning operation;
    Widely used in powder and granular products, suitable for shipping, land transport, train transport, and so on.

Moisture-proof lining bag use: COCOA POWDER, fish meal, flour, milk powder, peanuts, seeds, starch, sugar, tea, livestock feed, mixed grain feed, etc.

Material: High Strength, durable polyethylene (PE) film, polyethylene woven fabric and polypropylene (PP) woven fabric

Size: suitable for 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, and special containers

Use: The bottom of the shipping container can be rolled out to make a deck and back to make a deck and back. The bottom of the shipping container can be rolled out to make a deck and back to make a deck and back. Safety: A liner’s ability to protect heavy loads below also makes it a good alternative to liner protection and sealants.

The advantages of Marine dry bulk Shipping Container lining bags product advantages:
Large diameter, more compact than regular shipping boxes Structure and function, the largest single piece of equipment and material anywhere on earth No waste and no carbon footprint as shipping box uses existing shipping containers or plastic boxes for construction Less expensive to load and unload than other packaging methods Large surface area for handling the container, as containers can also be used to house or relocate larger packages
less manual labor and less loading and unloading time than small packaging
50% less packaging cost than other packaging methods
protection against the risk of secondary contamination of goods
Watertight and moisture-proof
Easy to install, easy to operate
complete food-grade raw materials, hygienic and safe
bags are 100% recyclable and can be easily disposed of

Dry Bulk container liner suitable for transport packaging products are as follows:
A. Used for packing and transporting food raw materials and grains, such as: Soybean, Coffee Bean, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa powder, fish meal, flour, milk powder, peanut, lentils, nuts, peas, rice, salt, seeds, starch, sugar, tea, livestock feed, mixed grain feed, etc.

B. powder, granules, etc. used for packing and transportation of chemical components

C. Used for packaging and transportation of coal, construction waste, household waste, and waste vehicles

D. Used for packing and transporting the solid waste, such as animal waste Mould-repelling powder, solid waste, and granules, as used in packaging and transport of glass, ceramic, plaster. solid waste, such as human waste, animal waste, and plant wastes, as used in the packaging and transport of natural gas.

Dears, the above six categories are some parts of normal bulk container liners, if you have any good views, welcome to contact us. Thanks in advance.

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