10 Reasons For You to Choose to Cooperate with Our Company

In this blog post, If we getting your request details, we will offer you best service, suitable quality, and reasonable price powerfully. That will ensure your profit and market share. We always follow the win-win principle. Our customers earn money firstly. We can only make money if our customers make money.

Why Choose Us?

Thanks for your inquiry via our website. The following is the ten reasons for your choosing us.

1.Customized products: Custom-made is our biggest feature, we can make any size, any color, any shape as your request.

2.Immediately and fast: After receiving your email, we will reply your email in 24hours in time.

3. Win-win principle: If we getting your request details, we will offer you best service, suitable quality, and reasonable price powerfully. That will ensure your profit and market share. We always follow the win-win principle. Our customers earn money firstly. We can only make money if our customers make money.

4.Fast delivery: The delivery time will be in 20-35days for each 20’container standard poly tarp products. If you need the Tarpaulins products urgently, please tell us the tarpaulin usage and your request time. We can break a rule to manufacture PE Tarpaulins for you in advance to ensure your profit in time.

5.Free Sample: For a small standard product sample, we will supply you in three days free. So you only can give us your DHL or FedEx account No.to us. Then you only afford the International Express Freight. Of course, if your order is reaching or more than 3- 6tons in future orders, the international Express Freight amount will be decreased in the first order.

6.Sample recopy made: We can produce the special usages tarpaulin products as your sample. After receiving your sample, we will send our re-sample for your confirmation.

7. MOQ: Our MOQ is 6 tons for standard PE tarpaulins covers or PE tarpaulins rolls. It is 1-3 tons for outdoor Furniture Covers, garden waterproof Covers, sewing industrial Packages, and so on, that is as appropriate.

8.What products can you supply?
Our main products Lines is as below:
(1) container liner:Dry bulk container liners, PE drawstring liner, known as container liners, are normally installed in 20 or 40 feet containers to ship bulk granular and powder material with high tonnage. Compared to traditional woven bags and FIBC, It has great advantages on large shipping volume, easy loading and unloading, lower labor force and no secondary pollution, with less transportation costs and time.

The structure of dry bulk liners are designed in accordance with the goods in and loading devices in use. In general, the loading devices are divided into Top load & Bottom discharge and Bottom load & Bottom discharge. Discharging hatch and zipper can be designed according to loading and unloading mode of clients.
Cargo handling way: Transfer loading, hopper loading, blowing loading, throwing loading, inclined discharge, pump loading and pump discharge
Material: PE or PP with coating
Type: Liner with zipper or tube
Size: LWH=62.42.4m(for 20GP container)
LWH=122.42.4m(for 40GP container)
Acceptable custom size
Dumpster container liner , roll-off container liner, PE drawstring liner, open top PE container liner is a variety of solutions that help people make all life and industry waste disposal easier . Mostly use our form-fitted Roll Off Dumpster Liners to line dumpsters, roll off containers, end dump trailers, gondola-type railway cars, lugger boxes and more. Made from new and recycled polyethylene tarpaulin fabric, poly tarp, The liners we produced are rugged , waterproof and tear-resistant and aid in the transporting of solids and sludges.
Material: PE or PP with coating
Type: Liner with drawstring or without drawstring
Size:2yard 4yard 15yard 20yard 30yard 40yard 50yard
Acceptable custom sizes

(2) Waterproof Covers:
We manufacturing all kinds of waterproof covers, just like pallet covers, machine covers, mattress cover bag for moving, garden furniture covers etc. Any color, any shape can be done as your request.
eg. Pallet cover is waterproof, which protects the goods in the warehouse and loading cock items from dirt ,dust, debris, or water moisture during transporting , shipment and storage. Our pallet cover tarps is normally made of PE tarpaulin fabric which is mildew , tears and UV rays for very good protection , avoid dust and moisture. We also can cinch the cover tarp around the pallet for a secure fit using the adjustable black nylon strap with a rope or buckle clip or sticker .

(3) PE Tarpaulin Products, poly tarp, HDPE tarpaulin, tarpaulin sheet
Now we manufacture the weaving fabric specification is as below:
Weaving Condition (mesh of weft & warp/sq. inch): 5×6, 6×7, 7×7, 8×8, 10×8, 10×10, 12×12, 14×14, 16×16.
Weight: 50gram/sq. m~ 300 gram/sq. m
Any color available
Width: normal 1.83m -4m; maximum 4m width also available without heating
Length: 50m, 100m, 200m or big rolls with paper core Max 10000M (10000YD) with metal core is possible. Various roll sizes are available according to customer’s request

A. Roll tarpaulin:
1.22m wide *100m long (length can be customized)
2m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
2.44m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
2.52m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)
4m wide * 100m long (length can be customized)

B. Sized tarpaulin sheet: reinforced colored PE tarpaulin sheet with reinforced plastic black triangle corner, high temperature welding seamless jointing, and eyelets size can be optional, hot welding in edge reinforced rope in hem, waterproof UV protect , high tenacity tear resistant. Normally cut size, we also can do finished size just like below:
Cut or Finished size:
2x2m, 3x3m, 3x5m, 4x4m
(6x6ft, 10x10ft, 10x16ft, 13x13ft)
4x5m, 4x6m, 4x8m, 4x10m
(12x16ft, 12x20ft, 12x26ft, 12x32ft)
5x5m, 5x6m, 5x8m, 5x10m
(16x16ft, 16x20ft, 16x26ft, 16x32ft)
6x6m, 6x8m, 6x10m, 8x10m, etc.
(20x20t, 20x26ft, 20x32ft, 66x32ft) etc.
Some big features of sized PE tarpaulin sheet:
1) All temperature and all season use;
2) Fiber reinforced polyethylene;
3) Rust proof galvanized eyelets;
4) Strong, clean, lighter and easy to handle;
5) Waterproof, Shrink proof;6) Anti Mildew, Tear resistant, etc.

(4) PP Weed Control Mats Ground cover Fabric:
100% virgin PP material, black , white and black green color, green stripe vertical line or square also be as per customer’s requirements. width :10-600cm, and length is as request, 77 to 1414mesh , denier is about 500D-2000D , gsm is from 40-300gsm, UV treated and surface dealing can be anti-slip, anti-static, printed and coated. Roll packgaing by paper or plastic bobbin
Some other feature of our weed mat:
a. Excellent weed control
b. Moisture, fertilizers, air reach plants to allow for healthy soil
c. Good water and air permeability
d. Prevent the plant’s root from putridness
e. Durable , tear-resistant, won’t rot or mildew
f. Exceptional toughness and strength
g. Lightweight, easy to install, follows natural ground contours
h. Ideal for use in landscaped beds, under decks and walkways
i. The one-way line mark make the management of planting more easy

(5) PP big jumbo bag, Bulk Bag,Ton Bag, FIBC, polypropylene bag, sand bag
100% virgin PP material fabric with 100-300gsm, white, black, beige or other color,
Type of ton bag: square, rectang,u-panel, circular, tubular shape
Fabric: laminated , plain, vent
Top: full open, with spout, with skirt cover , duffle
Bottom: flat, discharging spout
Liner: HDPE or LDPE liner
Sewing: plain, chain, chain lock with optional soft-proof
Lifting loop: 2 or 4 belts, cross corner loop, fully loop, loop in loop etc.

(6) Plants Grow bags
a. PE woven growing bags
b. black white PP grow bags
c. Non woven grow bags
d. Polyester Felt grow nursery bag

(7). Garden green house products:
b. Garden green house also named agriculture green house , walk-in greenhouse, garden planting house , product size 12feet length * 7feet width 7feet height, ideal planting protector for garden and backyard , cover with 140gsm polyethylene green checker, rain proof and UV protected, equipped with one easy access zipper door and 6 roll-up window with screen net, high grade powder coated steel frame, full colosed cover for your growing plants and herbs, portable and easy assemble, weather resistant build to protects your plants through tough weather condition. Many size can be optional as below: 322m 42.52m 622m Size can be customized as your request. b. Mini green house: Mini green house means home garden mini plant green house, 2-4 tier mini garden greenhouse flower green house portable. Ideal for plants: A small greenhouse can prevent cold weather damage and preserve warmth and sunlight for plants, planting season all year around, and suitable for maintaining plants or seed breeding, reduces damages from pests or birds. Stable and sturdy, solid structure of powder-coated steel tubes, diameter 16mm and thickness of 0.42mm, 2-4 layers net shelf with an area of 949cm for flowerpots, each layer weight limit of 20-25kgs.
Easy assembly and access, front rolling curtain opens and closes with zippers and regulates temperature, easy access for watering and fertilizing, foldable for when not in use saves space.
Multiple usages: Light weight and easy to move, fits in balcony, backyard, garden, etc. Also can be used as shelf in the home. Many size can be optional .

(8).High strength polypropylene PP rope
3 strand high strength polypropylene rope for packing, 100% polypropylene fiber material, 3 strand twist, diameter from 2mm to 40mm, green, white, blue, yellow, orange etc, many color can be supplied, UV stabilized, easy handling
twisted pp rope is is made in 3 stand , 4 strand. 3 stand monofilament pp rope is common, it has kinds of color and low price. the diameter from 2mm to 40mm.
PP rope advantage is determined by its polypropylene material feature:
1, Anti aging (half) the original strength retention of 11%
2, Non absorbent
3, Not resistant to high temperature (softening point is less than or equal to 135 DEG C)
4, High strength, tensile strength
5, The proportion of light
6, Corrosion resistance
so 3 stands pp rope is widely used in argiculture, indudstrial, marine, outdoor sport, transport etc.

(9).Other Relative Products
eg. Polyester Belt Fasten Cargo tightening belt truck ratchet cargo strap
Most of these products are procured on behalf of our clients

9. What is the Usage of your products?
Our Products Application Field:

(a) Industrial – Covers for general use, scaffoldings in construction sites, underground sheets, covers for trucks, cars, boat, containers, warning tapes, covers for materials, roofs, road repair sites, fences, UV heavy duty tarp, Blue economy poly tarp, Multi purpose poly tarp, Truck tarpaulin, Tarpaulin Cover, Cover canvas, See kayak, Kayak covers, Sea kayaking cover, Tarpaulin Covers, Virgin PE Tarpaulin, HDPE PE Tarpaulin, Virgin HDPE PE Tarpaulin, Economic Tarpaulin, Eco Friendly Tarpaulin, Camouflage Tarpaulins, Poly Tarpaulin, Vinyl tarp, poly tarp

(b) Agricultural – Covers for timber, hay, cotton and all kinds of crops covers for drying crops, PE Woven Fabric, Laminated Woven Fabric, PE Woven Fabric manufactures, HDPE Woven Fabrics, Laminated Woven Fabrics, Tarpaulin, valance tarp, canopy, scaffold, PE Waterproof tarpaulin, Awning canvas tarp, Awning cover, Tent tarp, Fabric awning, Canvas canopy, Canvas covers, Outdoor canopies

(c)Home/Garden use (D.I.Y) – Covers for garden, backyard use Covers for furniture Gazebo tents, dining canopies, swimming pool covers, Waterproof Covers, Ground cover, Vehicle cover, Vehicle tarp cover, Sandbox cover, Sandbox tarp cover, Swimming pool cover, Furniture cover, Garden furniture covers, Garden tools cover, Tent cover, Ground Cover, Leisure Cover , Seaside Cover, Sunblock Cover, Fence Cover, Anti-mildew Cover, Scaffolding Cover, General Cover, Construction and Equipment Cover, Covers for open-stored goods, Covers for trucks/automobiles/boat, Lining materials for storage tanks and containers, Lining material for irrigation Canals and grain silos, Machinery Cover, Tents, Picnic mats, Covers for Swimming Pools and Garden Furniture, Sandpit Covers etc.

10. Why not let’s get started from samples or a trial order this week? You will have them and do some field testings as early as next month.

We are all in this together and want you know that we are here to support your business need

Plan ahead, get the last laugh. Together we will get through this!

Good luck~ Jenny Blessing you~

Yours Truly,
LINYI QiLuYuDa Industry Co., Ltd.
Jenny Zhang
Email: chinajenny19@gmail.com
MSN: chinajenny19@hotmail.com
Skype: chinajenny19@hotmail.com
Website: www.tarpsky.com

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